For the enemy from the Mega Man X series, see Carry Arm.

Carryarm (キャリアーム) is a flying enemy from the Mega Man Zero series that throws Spikings on Zero. In Mega Man Zero they appear in the Old Surface City and Abandoned Factory. The Carryarms in the Abandoned Factory carry planks that can be used as platforms by Zero. In Mega Man Zero 2, Zero needs to defeat several Carryarms in Panter Flauclaws' stage to protect the supplies of the train. They also appear in Fighting Fefnir's minigame in Mega Man Zero 3, where Fefnir must destroy as many Carryarms as possible.


Spiking (スパイキング) is the name of the large spiked object that the Carryarm releases in Mega Man Zero and Mega Man Zero 2. It will continue to roll on the ground damaging anything it touches.

Other media

Carryarms and Spikings had a short appearance in the second chapter from the Rockman Zero manga.


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