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Castle & Dragon

Castle & Dragon (城とドラゴン Shiro to Doragon) is a strategy game from Asobism's Dragon series released for iOS and Android in Japan.


Soldiers dressed like Mega Man and a Met

A Mega Man collaboration with the game was announced on February 10, 2018.[1] From February 16 to March 2, Mega Man can be obtained as a playable character. His default attack is the Mega Buster, and his special moves are Charge Shot and Rush Coil. Players can also obtain costumes and weapons to change his appearance and default attack. Common soldiers can also be dressed like Mega Man and Mets. Additionally, there is an optional event to square off against Dr. Wily (with Wily Machine 2).[2]


ShiroDoraRockman ShiroDoraRockBuster ShiroDoraRockBusterCharge
Rockman (ロックマン) Rock Buster (ロックバスター)
ShiroDoraMetalman ShiroDoraMetalBlade ShiroDoraMetalBladeCharge
Metalman Style (メタルマン風) Metal Blade (メタルブレード)
ShiroDoraAirman ShiroDoraAirShooter ShiroDoraAirShooterCharge
Airman Style (エアーマン風) Air Shooter (エアーシューター)
ShiroDoraBubbleman ShiroDoraBubbleLead ShiroDoraBubbleLeadCharge
Bubbleman Style (バブルマン風) Bubble Lead (バブルリード)
ShiroDoraQuickman ShiroDoraQuickBoomerang ShiroDoraQuickBoomerangCharge
Quickman Style (クイックマン風) Quick Boomerang (クイックブーメラン)
ShiroDoraClashman ShiroDoraClashBomb ShiroDoraClashBombCharge
Clashman Style (クラッシュマン風) Clash Bomb (クラッシュボム)
ShiroDoraHeatman ShiroDoraAtomicFire ShiroDoraAtomicFireCharge
Heatman Style (ヒートマン風) Atomic Fire (アトミックファイヤー)
ShiroDoraWoodman ShiroDoraLeafShield ShiroDoraLeafShieldCharge
Woodman Style (ウッドマン風) Leaf Shield (リーフシールド)
ShiroDoraBlues ShiroDoraBluesBuster ShiroDoraBluesBusterCharge
Blues Body (ブルースボディ) Blues Buster (ブルースバスター)
ShiroDoraForte ShiroDoraForteBuster ShiroDoraForteBusterCharge
Forte Body (フォルテボディ) Forte Buster (フォルテバスター)
ShiroDoraHelmetlessRockman ShiroDoraRockBuster ShiroDoraRockBusterCharge
Helmetless Rockman (素顔のロックマン) Rock Buster (ロックバスター)
ShiroDoraSuperRockman ShiroDoraRocketBuster ShiroDoraRocketBusterCharge
Super Rockman (スーパーロックマン) Rocket Buster (ロケットバスター)
ShiroDoraOldRockman ShiroDoraBButton ShiroDoraBButtonCharge
Old Rockman (あの頃のロックマン) Attack / B Button (攻撃・Bボタン)


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