Central Museum (セントラルミュージアム Sentoraru Myūjiamu) is Ground Scaravich's stage in Mega Man X6. It is an abandoned museum that, according to the Stage Select Screen, is located around Queensland, Australia.


The stage is fairly straight-forward, consisting of several straight halls, but each has a blue Totem Gate that will transport the player to a random sub-area. Once the sub-area is completed, they will be brought back to the hall and have to destroy the Totem Gate to allow progress. There are a total of four Totem Gates to pass through before arriving at the boss. Within the sub-areas, the player is constantly bombarded by Nightmare Random, and if the Nightmare Phenomenon is in effect, the stage will also have Nightmare Iron and Wind.

There are eight areas that the Totem Gates can send the player, which consist of two horizontal areas (one mainly with pits and other with spikes), two vertical areas (one being a climb and the other a descent), two ramps with pits (one going up and other down), an area with the warp to the alternate path, and an area with the Light Capsule. After completing one area, it will not repeat in the remaining Totem Gates.



  • Life Up: The Life Up is near the end of one of the random sub-areas the player is teleported to throughout the stage. The random nature of finding it can make it difficult to obtain.
  • Blade Armor's Head Program: Like the Life Up, the capsule is hidden in plain sight amongst one of the random areas the player is teleported to.

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