A Ceratanium shield in Mega Man ZX Advent.

Ceratanium, also known as Ceramic titanium, Ceramic Chitin in Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man Gigamix, and in Japan as "Ceramical Titanium" (セラミカルチタン Seramikaru Chitan), is a lightweight and sturdy material from the Mega Man series created by Dr. Light.[1] This unique material appears to be much more durable than standard titanium, being able to resist severe impacts.

Known uses

Ceratanium in Mega Man ZX

Other media

  • In the manga Mega Man Megamix, Wood Man's Leaf Shield is a set of four leaves made of Ceratanium that have been coated in a special liquid that deflects all projectiles. Wood Man activates the shield by generating an electromagnetic field around him that spins the leaves.

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  • The closest material to this in the real world is titanium carbide, which is used to protect things that experience high temperatures, such as cookware or space shuttles; it is also used on saw blades and drill bits because it doesn't dull easily. Another similar material is titanium diboride, also resilient to high temperatures. Its use has so far been limited to impact resistant armor and cutting tools, due to its exceptional ability to resist wear.