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Cerveau (セルヴォ Seruvo) is a character from the Mega Man Zero series. He is the Reploid engineer from the Resistance who creates and fixes weapons and other equipments for Zero and the entire Resistance[1] and assists Ciel in her research on Cyber-elves and the Ciel System. He is constantly worrying about Ciel and Zero's safety.


Mega Man Zero

Cerveau uses an engine room as a laboratory in the bottom of the Resistance Base. He creates the Escape Unit for Zero, asking Ciel to give it to him after Aztec Falcon's defeat. If the "Retrieve Data" mission is completed, Cerveau creates the Triple Rod with the data gathered by Zero. He will also create the Shield Boomerang after Zero completes a few missions. Zero must rescue Cerveau from Pantheons when Neo Arcadia attacks the Resistance Base to activate the base's elevator.

Mega Man Zero 2

After Zero is found by the Resistance, Cerveau repairs Zero's weapons, creating the Chain Rod from the remains of the Triple Rod. His room in the new Resistance Base is located between Ciel's room and the commander's room, and he now has the assistance of Doigt.

Mega Man Zero 3

Z3 scene 16

Cerveau with Ciel and Zero

Cerveau made the Recoil Rod for Zero, which took him and Doigt a month to create. Cerveau mentions that he got so caught up in making Zero's weapons that he worked for ten days without taking any Energy Crystal, almost shutting down. The player can see the game's Secret Disk database by talking with him, as he has a Secret Disk analyzer in his room. When Harpuia is injured by Omega and taken to the Resistance Base, Cerveau takes care of him alongside Rocinolle.

Mega Man Zero 4

Cerveau travels alongside Ciel and Zero in the Resistance Trailer, being in charge of maintenance. He explains to Zero how the Zero Knuckle works, and when asked for a name to the new Cyber-elf, he suggests the name Progress. The player can create Chips and see the database by talking with him. In the end of the game he watches the remains of Ragnarok fall from the sky alongside other Resistance members and the Caravan, and is saddened that Zero didn't manage to return.

Other appearances

Cerveau appeared in the Rockman Zero manga.


Cerveau (セルヴォ Seruvo) means "Brain" in French, though it could also be a pun on the word "Servo", given his aptitude for machinery.


  1. "There's no time to rest. Cerveau and I have to make weapons for the entire Resistance. That is no small task!" - Doigt, Mega Man Zero 3
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