"Shoot Blast Man's very own sticky bombs! Connect up to four bombs via the red line for bigger blasts. Try it with the Power Gear active to unleash massive bombs!"
―Weapon description, Mega Man 11

Chain Blast (チェインブラスト Chein Burasuto) is Blast Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 11. After obtaining it, Mega Man is able to throw bombs that float across the screen, sticking to enemies along the way. Up to four bombs can be chained together and detonated at once to create bigger explosions that deal more damage. Mega Man can either blow up the explosives instantly by pressing Down + Attack or wait until the explosives detonate on their own.

While the Power Gear is in effect, Mega Man is able to create much larger bombs than usual, which produce the maximum explosion size and damage by default. In Power Gear mode, they do not lock onto enemies and do not tether together to create a bigger explosion.

Like all of the special weapons in the game, Chain Blast gives Mega Man new Head Gear and Arm Gear that alters his physical appearance when equipped, rather than just being a color swap. In this case, the Head Gear is a new helmet that resembles Blast Man's, but with smaller spikes than the ones on Blast Man's helmet. The Arm Gear mostly keeps Mega Man's hand intact, but slightly changes the appearance of his buster arm and adds a protective cover over his hand.

Mega Man can use Chain Blast (while activating the Power Gear) to destroy the stone towers in Block Man's stage and the exploding crates in both Blast Man's stage and Gear Fortress 2.

This weapon is the weakness of both Block Man and the Yellow Devil MK-III.



  • Chain Blast shares some similarities to various explosive-based weapons from previous Mega Man games.
    • It works similarly to Remote Mine as Mega Man can manually detonate the explosives.
    • It's also similar to Danger Wrap in that it latches onto enemies before exploding, just as Danger Wrap encases enemies in a bubble along with a bomb inside the bubble.
    • It also functions similarly to Magnet Mine as it sticks to enemies before detonation. However, unlike Magnet Mine, Chain Blast can only be thrown forward. 
    • The Power Gear variant resembles Battalion's weapon from Mighty No. 9; both weapons cause a large explosion upon contact without sticking to enemies.
      • It also resembles Drill Bomb in functionality, although Drill Bomb's explosion is much smaller.
  • The way Chain Blast latches onto enemies is similar to Crash Bomber's functionality. Unlike the Crash Bomber though, 4 bombs instead of 1 bomb can be fired and can also be set off manually instead of having to wait for it to explode on its own.