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MMZ2 Zero (Chain Rod)

Chain Rod

Chain Rod (チェーンロッド) is a weapon from Mega Man Zero 2 that Cerveau manufactured for Zero as a replacement for the broken Triple Rod. It is a modification for the Z Saber that changes the shape of its blade to an energy chain with a sharp tip that can be used to hook onto objects and various enemies.

Similar to the Triple Rod, it can attack in seven directions: up, left, right, and diagonals. While in the air, Zero can't use it up, but it can attack downward. It causes damage to enemies and can be used to grab some of them. When caught be the Chain Rod, the enemy will be stunned and can be pulled closer to Zero for further attacks with the Chain Rod or other weapons. If the player defeats Burble Hekelot with Rank A or S, Zero will obtain the EX Skill Energy Chain, which allows him to slowly drain Life Energy from enemies grabbed by the Chain Rod. The Chain Rod has to be leveled up to be charged. When charged, Zero will spin the rod in the same way as the Triple Rod. If Zero is equipped with one of the element chips, the charged attack will have the same element.

The Chain Rod can also be used to pull distant items closer to Zero, pull the shields from Pantheon Hammers, pull blocks, and to hook Zero to a ceiling or wall and swing on it, similar to a grappling hook. Zero can use it to pass through hazards or reach areas that are difficult to access. Zero can change the chain's size while hooked to a ceiling or wall to adjust his swing or to pull himself closer to a surface.


1 Standard. Zero can use the Chain Rod to hang on ceilings and walls.
2 Zero can charge the Chain Rod, being able to attack by spinning it like the Triple Rod.
3 The Chain Rod charges faster.



MMZ Zero hook concept

Hook concept art from Mega Man Zero.

  • Possibly before the Chain Rod was decided to be included in Mega Man Zero 2, concept art from the first Mega Man Zero game shows a wrist-mounted grappling hook/dart shooter that may have been replaced with the more combat capable Chain Rod.
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