Changkey Dragon (チャンキードラゴン Chankī Doragon) is the sub-boss of Magma Man's stage and the first Wily Castle stage in Mega Man 9. It is a robotic Asian dragon with a skeletal tail and a body covered by large Changkeys. It rises up and down in a wave-like fashion, while breathing out Changkeys. If they hit the ground, they will roll towards Mega Man/Proto Man.


Its weaknesses are Black Hole Bomb and Concrete Shot. When hit by Black Hole Bomb, the Changkeys will temporarily disappear, weakening the dragon. The Tornado Blow does this effectively as well, but it uses all four shots of it, potentially leaving the player at a disadvantage when they fight Magma Man (who is weak to the Tornado Blow himself). For speedrunners, it is fastest to use Concrete Shot. It destroys the dragon in five hits, but it's hard to hit the dragon's head with it for it keeps rising up and down. The Hornet Chaser is also a good weapon to use on it, as the bees will almost always hit it as long as the dragon's head is visible.


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