Super Sonic using Chaos Control.

Chaos Control (カオスコントロール Kaosu Kontorōru) is a Chaos Power that enables the user to manipulate space and time. Its most famous user is Shadow the Hedgehog, who uses it to teleport over large distances. It generally utilizes a Chaos Emerald to amplify its power. Chaos Control can also be used to travel through time and between dimensions, or alter the fabric of reality.

During the first Genesis Wave, Sonic the Hedgehog in his super-state utilized Chaos Control to undo the Genesis Wave.

When Shadow the Hedgehog was turned into the Roboticized Master Shadow Man by Doctors Wily and Eggman in the aftermath of the second Genesis Wave, his Chaos Control ability was weaponized into the Special Weapon Chaos Cannon, although its power is weakened by Tail Wind. Shadow eventually used Chaos Control to teleport away to search for Rouge the Bat after refusing to aid Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Rush, and Miles "Tails" Prower when restored to his original state. As a result, Sonic and Mega Man regained memories of their lives prior to the Genesis Wave (Specifically, their fights with Mecha Sally and Break Man, respectively), with the former also explaining what a Genesis Wave was to the latter from his prior experience with it. It was later used again by Shadow to save Dr. Light after the latter had been in free fall into the crater upon being thrown out by Eggman. After gaining the Chaos Emeralds and turning into their super states, as well as defeating the Egg-Wily Machine X, Mega Man and Sonic utilized Chaos Control to undo the effects of the Super Genesis Wave and restore their respective realities to normal. Although Mega Man was able to restore his own world to normal, Eggman interfered with Sonic's attempt, resulting in both Mobius being shattered as well as the creation of the Genesis Portals.

At the end of Worlds Unite, Super Sonic and Super Mega Man again attempted to use Chaos Control to undo the damage caused by Sigma fusing multiple worlds together, but the damage to the universal fabric was too severe to be restored even by two super-state users.

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