Chaos Lord Battle Chip from Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS

The Chaos Lord, known as Lord of Chaos (ロードオブカオス Rōdo obu Kaosu) in Japan, as well as being referred to as King Chaos, is a secret boss that only appears in Mega Man Battle Network 5.

Game History

Chaos Lord resides in Nebula Area 6, where all of the Dark Power in the world accumulates. The revived Darkloids serve the Chaos Lord and impede MegaMan's and Team Colonel/ProtoMan's attempts to reach him. After they are all defeated in Liberation Missions, Nebula Area 6 can be accessed. Nebula Area 6 contains 6 gates. Each of these gates contain a DS version of a teammate. There is also one large gate of dark energy that leads to the Chaos Lord. To reach the Chaos Lord, all 6 DS Navi versions of MegaMan's teammates have to be defeated. The first time MegaMan and Lan fight him, he takes the form of Nebula Gray Alpha. After he is defeated, MegaMan either receives Big Hook (Team ProtoMan) or Meteor Knuckle (Team Colonel) from an unknown watcher. After the first battle, he can be fought again, but this time his form may vary, but will never again be Nebula Gray Alpha. How fast MegaMan defeats the 6 DS Navis determines what form the Chaos Lord will take. He can take the form of either Nebula Gray Beta, Bass V3 or Dark MegaMan.


Close up of Chaos Lord's chip.

The combined time for defeating the 6 DS Navis determines the form that Chaos Lord will take.


3:00:01 and up: Nebula Gray V3

2:00:01 - 3:00:00: Bass V3

2:00:01 and less: Dark MegaMan

See individual pages for abilities.

Battle Chip

In Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS, the Chaos Lord has a Battle Chip that is obtained by using the Lotto Number 39285712.

ID Battle Chip Description Attack Element
Secret Chip BN5 ChaosLord.gif ChaosLrd Hatred formed into Bass 500 BC Element Null.png None


  • Brady's Official Strategy Guide


  • Chaos Lord is the only Navi besides CopyMan who has no true form (or has not yet revealed his true form).