"With a range of approximately 25 feet, this vulcan is easy to use."
―In-game text, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Cherry Blast (チェリーブラスト Cherī Burasuto) is an Arm-type vulcan weapon that is available for Vile by default in the game Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. This weapon fires a stream of little bullets that has rapid-fire capabilities when the button is held. This uses Weapon Energy only slightly more quickly than the meter refills. Therefore the player has to hold down the button for a while before they run out of energy. And even when the meter does run out, Vile will still continue to fire, however his rate of fire will be slightly less than normal. Cherry Blast has a maximum range; it does not go all the way across the screen. It also does very little damage to compensate for its rapid fire.

Cherry Blast is available from the start along with two other weapons: Front Runner and Bumpity Boom.

Damage data chart

Damage values in units for Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

MHX-Icon-Vile-Arm-CherryBlast.png Cherry Blast
Boss Damage
X 1
Chill Penguin 1
Spark Mandrill 1
Armored Armadillo 1
Launch Octopus 1
Boomerang Kuwanger 1
Sting Chameleon 1
Storm Eagle 1
Flame Mammoth 1
Bosspider 1
Rangda Bangda 1
X 1
Zero 1



  • Cherry Blast's name likely refers to cherry bombs and cherry guns, tools which can be used as rudimentary weapons.