"Sigma has paid for the use of my power. Working for him is a million times better than piddling around on the South Pole with nothing to do."
―Chill Penguin, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Chill Penguin, known as Icy Penguigo (アイシー・ペンギーゴ Aishī Pengīgo) in Japan, is one of the eight Mavericks in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Originally a Maverick Hunter in the 13th Polar Battalion, Chill Penguin was an acquaintance of X and Zero, but having grown bored and dissatisfied with his position at the South Pole, Chill Penguin joined Sigma's rebellion as it was more entertaining than his mission.


From the instruction manual:


Reploid specifically designed for extremely cold regions, formerly of the 13th Polar Battalion. Had been operating on a wholly unsatisfying mission at the South Pole, but once he heard Sigma's call to rally Reploids, Chill Penguin started operating with the 17th Battalion. His thought circuits are designed to be flexible so he can perform missions with his small-size body, but this has gained him a reputation among other Reploids of being somewhat warped. He's on bad terms with Flame Mammoth, who relies solely on brute strength.

Shotgun Ice

Absorbs moisture in the air and fires it in crystallized form. If it hits an enemy or a hard surface, it breaks into 5 pieces and hits everything around it.


The Day of Σ

In the OVA, The Day of Sigma, he moved to the 17th Elite Unit and was under Sigma's command. During this time, he also led a company within the Elite Unit called "Chill Penguin Company," identified by light blue armor-clad humanoid Reploids. When the revolt started, it sounded fun to him, so he joined up to leave his boring post at the South Pole. In the game, Chill Penguin's role is similar to his original counter part, but he occupied an Abandoned Missle Base, implying that he may be planning to launch a missle attack instead of causing a avalanche. Chill Penguin also says that Sigma is paying for his work and that he can't stand X.

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X


Other appearances

Chill Penguin as he appears in Maverick Hunter X appears in TEPPEN as a unit card alongside his original look.


X: Chill Penguin! Why have you sided with Sigma?

Chill Penguin: Sigma has paid for the use of my power. Working for him is a million times better than piddling around on the South Pole with nothing to do.

X: How could you!? What Sigma's doing is treasonous!

X: Chill Penguin... Why...!?

Chill Penguin: Why? I wouldn't expect you to understand.

X: ...

Chill Penguin: Just look at you, X... You act so high and mighty... I can't stand it!

Chill Penguin: Vile... I've never seen a Maverick who thought he was a Hunter before.

Vile: Hunter? Ha! I've never once entertained such thoughts.

Chill Penguin: Wah ha! Good answer, but you're still acting crazy. What exactly do you plan to do?

Vile: Same thing I always do... Crush anyone and anything who gets on my bad side!



  • In Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Chill Penguin is voiced by Dean Galloway, the same voice actor of Dr. Wily in Mega Man Powered Up.
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