Chip Traders in the first Mega Man Battle Network game

The Chip Trader (チップトレーダー) is Higsby's invention in the Mega Man Battle Network series. By inserting a required amount of Battle Chips, users will receive a random Battle Chip in return. The more chips required by the machine, the rarer the Battle Chips the user can receive. The chip has no correlation with the chips traded and trading in rare chips does not guarantee better chips.

Starting with Mega Man Battle Network 2, the game's process is automatically saved after using a Chip Trader in order to keep players from restarting the game to regain the chips if they are unsatisfied with what comes out.


Chip Trader

The normal Chip Trader, named chip exchanger in the first English game, requires 3 Battle Chips for trading. While cheaper, it only gives mediocre chips.

Chip Trader Special

Chip Trader Special in Mega Man Battle Network 3

Chip Trader Special (チップトレーダースペシャル), named super exchanger in the first English game, requires 10 Battle Chips to be traded. The chip they exchange for is rarer than the ones available in regular Chip Traders. Different locations slightly affect the results of the Chip Trader, improving the chance of obtaining specific chips.

Retro Chip Trader

Retro Chip Trader is only present in Mega Man Battle Network 2. It works by linking Battle Network 2 with the first Battle Network, trading a chip that was present in the first game for either Trident, Tornado, Mine, Front Sensor, Double Sensor and Bubble Wrap. Each Retro Chip Trader can only be used once. The chips available can also be purchased in a shop from the WWW Area, but each is limited to one code. Other codes are only available in the Retro Chip Trader. Retro Chip Traders cannot be used in the game's Virtual Console version.


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Mega Man Battle Network

Version Location
Normal Higsby's
Special Higsby's

Mega Man Battle Network 2

Version Location Notes
Normal Official Center Lobby Available after Scenario 3, Higsby sending a mail when it becomes available.
Special Netopia Town Available after Scenario 5. Has a higher chance of dropping support chips.
Special Marine Harbor Available after Scenario 7. Has a higher chance of dropping attack chips.
Special ACDC Station Available after Scenario 8. Has a higher chance of dropping Navi Chips.
Retro Dad's Lab Available after Scenario 4.
Retro Camp Entrance Available after Scenario 4.
Retro First Class Available after Scenario 6.
Retro Den Airport Available after Scenario 7.

Mega Man Battle Network 3

Version Location Notes
Normal Higsby's Available after Scenario 3. Contains over 120 standard class chips with different codes.
Special Hospital Lobby Available after Scenario 5. Contains over 120 standard chips with different codes, the chips available being better than the standard Chip Trader.
Special TV Station Hall 1 Available after completing the game. Contains over 120 chips with different codes, including the Mega Chips Stand Out, Water Line, Lightning, Gaia Sword, and several Navi Chips (normal and V2 only).

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Version Location
Normal Higsby's
Special Elec Town 2

Mega Man Battle Network 5

Version Location
Normal Higsby's
Special Hall

Mega Man Battle Network 6

Version Location
Normal AsterLand
Special Green Town
Special ACDC Town

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