Mega Man Zero 4 Chips screen.

Chips are items from the Mega Man Zero series. At first there are only three elemental chips, but more are introduced in Mega Man Zero 3, replacing the Form system from Mega Man Zero 2. It allows the player to equip Zero with one chip each for his legs, body and head, with each chip granting him an upgrade to his abilities.

In Mega Man Zero 3, most chips are obtained from Secret Disks, and others are obtained from bosses. In Mega Man Zero 4, Zero must collect parts from enemies and bring them to Cerveau to create them. Also, some characters in the game can provide recipes that create the chips.

The Junk set are the only chips that require a combination, for all three need to be equipped in order for them to have any use. When all three Junk chips are equipped, Zero emulates his Proto Form, in which his offense is doubled and defense halved. However, unlike the previous depictions of the Proto Form (particularly when it is used in Hard Mode) Zero can still use his weapons and EX Skills normally. However, if Zero uses any Cyber-elf ability his transformation will be cancelled.

Element chips

Mega Man Zero and Mega Man Zero 2 have three Element Chips that Zero obtains after defeating a specific boss for the first time. Each chip adds an element to Zero's charged attacks and some of his EX Skills. In Mega Man Zero 3 these chips are classified under the Body Chip category. They are absent in Mega Man Zero 4, but Zero can still use elemental attacks through his EX Skills.

Name Boss Details
Mega Man Zero Mega Man Zero 2
Chip Thunder Chip Aztec Falcon Panter Flauclaws Strong against flame-based enemies. Stuns enemies.
Chip Flame Chip Guard Orotic Phoenix Magnion Strong against ice-based enemies. Damages enemies while in effect. Zero can also use it to burn down tree leaves in stages like the Forest of Notus in Mega Man Zero 2.
Chip Ice Chip Blizzack Staggroff Poler Kamrous Strong against thunder-based enemies. Stuns enemies.

Mega Man Zero 3

Chip Head Chips

Name Location Description
Chip Auto-Charge In the Old Residential Area, Deathtanz Mantisk's stage; room behind a tree root above the first Gyro Cannon (accessible by using charged attacks with the Flame Body Chip equipped). Weapons charge automatically.
Chip Auto-Recover In the Forest of Anatre, Hanumachine R's stage; before entering the ruins building, burn the tree leaves (by using a charged attack with the Flame Body Chip equipped) above the door to reveal platforms leading to a small gap in the wall. Zero recovers energy by standing still.
Chip Quick-Charge In the Snowy Plains, Glacier le Cactank's stage; in a box inside a hidden alcove behind a large snow pile, after the second Shellcrawler. Weapons charge faster.

Chip Body Chips

Body chips in Mega Man Zero 3 are automatically obtained simply by defeating a boss for the first time.

Name Boss Description
Chip Ice Childre Inarabitta Charge attacks are ice-based. Strong against thunder-based enemies.
Chip Thunder Hellbat Schilt Charge attacks are thunder-based. Strong against flame-based enemies.
Chip Flame Blazin' Flizard Charge attacks are fire-based. Strong against ice-based enemies. Zero can also use it to burn down leaves, mushrooms, vines and trees in stages.
Chip Light Deathtanz Mantisk Ignores quicksand and crumbling terrain.
Chip Absorber Tretista Kelverian No recoil when hit.

Chip Foot Chips

Name Boss / Location Description
Chip Spike Defeat Glacier le Cactank Walk on slippery surfaces normally.
Chip Quick Defeat Copy X Mk. II Faster running speed.
Chip Double Jump Defeat Cubit Foxtar Jump again in the air.
Chip Shadow Dash Defeat Volteel Biblio Invulnerable intangibility to all enemies and their attacks for the duration of the dash.
Chip Frog In the Energy Facility, Cubit Foxtar's stage; upper left corner in last area before the boss room (shaft with spikes on both walls and four moving girders). Slower sliding down walls.
Chip Splash Jump In the Oceanic Highway Ruins, Childre Inarabitta's stage; below the starting point and underwater, next to a Shelluno (requires a Recoil Rod's charged attack to break through the column base). Jump on the water surface.
Chip Ultima Defeat Hidden Phantom (by acessing a secret teleporter in the room at the top left of the section with moving platforms and spike traps, after entering the Cyberspace in the Sub Arcadia). Possess abilities of all Foot Chips.

Mega Man Zero 4

Most of the chips do not have recipes for learning in the game, and when fabricating chips, the order of the used parts in the recipes is irrelevant. Each chip can only be created once. The player can hold up until nine units of the same part. Most of the parts for chip recipes are randomly dropped by defeated enemies present in revisitable stages, except for Moloid parts. Moloids are only found during the mission to protect the Area Zero Settlement, after defeating four Einherjar bosses in the game. In the Hibernation Chamber stage, Scrap Elves can only be defeated by Zero using the Zero Knuckle to grab a lamp and use it to push them against sunlight, during sunny weather at the easy and normal difficulty modes. Pantheon Corpses are only activated if the player waits for them to be possessed by Scrap Elves in the same stage. Poplans can be defeated by the Zero Knuckle or flame elemental attacks. Ceratanium is not dropped by defeated enemies, and it is found in specific stage locations. S-Crystal and Junk are the only parts created by the player via recipes.

Name Required parts Description
Head Chips
A-Charge V. Missile
Automatically charge attacks.
A-Recover1 Poplan
V. Fencer
Heal while standing still at a rate of 1 unit per 3.5 seconds.
A-Recover2 Poplan
V. Fencer
Heal while standing still at a rate of 1 unit per 3 seconds.
A-Recover3 Poplan
V. Fencer
P. Corpse
Heal while standing still at a rate of 1 unit per 2.5 seconds.
Q-Charge1 BeamWalker
Charge speed to full decreases to 2 seconds.
Q-Charge2 BeamWalker
Charge speed to full decreases to 1.5 seconds.
Q-Charge3 BeamWalker
Charge speed to full decreases to 1 second.
A-Filling Bonsect
Refill Zero Knuckle ammo when down to one shot or less than ten seconds of remaining use time.
Weapon Plus Bonsect
V. Fire
Increases Zero Knuckle weapon capacity by one.
Junk Head* Junk
Gives off a special aura.**
Body Chips
Absorber Axeloid
No recoil when hit.
Rolling Moloid
Perform a Rolling Slash.
Erase MiniCrabanB
Stop energy shots with the Z-Saber.
Strong GangaGun
Reduces instant kill effects to 10 units of damage.
Stronger GangaGun
Reduces instant kill effects to 8 units of damage.
Strongest GangaGun
Reduces instant kill effects to 6 units of damage.
Reflect Gyrator
Reflect energy shots with the Z-Saber.
Extend Bombadeer
Invincibility from damage is longer.
Elf Scrap Elf
Increases Cyber-elf's max. level by 1.
Junk Body* Junk
Gives off a special aura.**
Foot Chips
Quick Kerberos
Move faster. (Does not stack with the Cyber-elf Lv. 1 animal ability)
Double Jump Faital
Jump again in the air.
Splash Jump Cryoneon
Jump on water.
Spike Type I NeedBalloon
Do not slip on ice.
Spike Type W V. Claw
Unaffected by magnets and wind when standing on the ground.
Frog MagnePaN
Slower wall slide. (Does not stack with the Cyber-elf Lv. 2 animal ability)
Junk Foot* Junk
Gives off a special aura.**
S-Crystal Faital
V. Fire
Trade to Hirondelle for a Sub Tank. Can trade for two Sub Tanks.
Junk Any 2-4 parts combination that does not make a Chip. Required for the three Junk Chips, denoted in above chart by *.

**All three Junk chips must be equipped together, without Cyber-elf active skills, to take effect by doubling Zero's attack and halving his defense. They will also "repel" the scrap elves as well, but it really just makes him immune to their damage in normal and easy modes.


  • In Mega Zero 3, there are four chip and cyber-elf combos that grant Zero new abilities:
    • Normal Head + Light Body + Quick Foot + EX Skill Split Heavens = by pressing the up button during his third saber slash, Zero will use Split Heavens immediately.
    • Normal Head + Light Body + Frog Foot (or Ultima Foot) + Cyber-elf Kwappa (as fusion or satellite) = Zero sticks to walls and will not slide down unless the down button is pressed.
    • Quick-Charge Head + Normal Body + Cyber-elf Clokkle (as fusion or satellite) = Zero's charging speed is doubled.
    • Auto-Recover Head + Absorber Body + Spike Foot = Faster health recovery when standing still.
  • In Mega Zero 4, it should be noted Cyber-elf chip's raising of Croire's level does not affect the Elf Max. Level in the Result screen after missions.