Chokkan! Rockman (直感!ロックマン lit. "Intuition! Rockman") is a collection of 12 unique Mega Man mini-games released for the Japanese D904i mobile phones via the i-mode Internet service in January 2008.


Dr. Wily is in his hideout and finished a new machine to help him conquer the world. Mega Man finds Wily and tries to capture him, but Wily uses his capsule machine to attack and his hideout is destroyed. Mega Man is unable to damage Wily's capsule, but Roll appears to give a message from Dr. Light, suggesting Mega Man to shake Wily's capsule to defeat him. Angry, Wily captures Roll and Mega Man starts shaking Wily's capsule, making various games fall from it, ranging from fighting various Robot Masters in different forms of combat to a cooking game and a rhythm game. Players can upload their scores in these games to a centralized database to compete for the highest possible score.


Game Description
(Intercept! Comet Cutter)
Cut Man uses the Rolling Cutter to destroy comets before they land.
(Guts Man's Wrath)
Mega Man dodges the boulders thrown by Guts Man.
(Item on Ice)
Ice Man's game. Mega Man gets items to gain points while avoiding the falling obstacles.
(Bomb Wars)
Mega Man must take the bombs dropped by Bomb Man and throw them back to defeat him.
(Hurry up! Candle Ignition)
Fire Man skies down a "Rockman 20th Anniversary" cake while lighting candles to gain more time and taking strawberries for extra points.
(Eccentric! Elec Man)
Mega Man and Elec Man face each other in a rhythm game.
(In Succession!? Metall)
Mega Man fights against several Mets until the time is over.
(Showdown! Sniper Joe)
Mega Man fights against a Sniper Joe.
(Rockman × Copy Robot)
Mega Man fights against Copy Robot.
(Roll's "Cooking" Classroom)
Cooking game with Roll using a kitchen knife to cut the food.
(Target "Wily")
Destroy Wily UFO before time runs out.
(Guruguru Wily)
Turn the cursor round and round Dr. Wily's eyes to make him dizzy.



直感!ロックマン (Intuition! Rockman)

直感!ロックマン (Intuition! Rockman)

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