Chop Register (チョップレジスター Choppu Rejisutā) is a sub-boss from Mega Man X2, a virus that materialized in the form of a sword in the Central Computer, Magna Centipede's stage.[1]

It attacks in a sort of fencing-like manner with sudden slices and thrusts, often parrying away shots from X, and sweeps around in a circular motion when X attempts to approach it. The sword's blue handle is its weak point and the only spot that can be damaged. Spin Wheel slows Chop Register down, but Bubble Splash, Silk Shot, and the Magnet Mine are also good Special Weapons to use on it. However, the Giga Crush, charged Sonic Slicer and Shoryuken will instantly destroy it.

It is followed by the second sub-boss of the stage, Raider Killer.

Rockman X2 manga

Chop Register appears in the Mother Center and attacks X, at first having a 3-dimensional form like the game, but during the battle it changes into a realistic sword, reverting to the 3D form when defeated.



  • Although Magna Centipede's stage reappears in Mega Man Xtreme, the Game Boy Color cannot reproduce the Chop Register's unique wireframe graphics produced by the special Cx4 chip in Mega Man X2's cartridge, so another Raider Killer appears instead.
  • After clearing the X-Hunter Stages, the final stage revisits Magna Centipede's stage, where X first encounters Sigma in the room Chop Register was fought. Additionally, X has to fight Zero in the same room if he did not collect all three of his parts.

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