Mega Man using Chroma Camo.

Chroma Camo is the Special Weapon used by the Roboticized Master Espio Man in the crossover Worlds Collide. Mega Man later copied it after Espio Man's restored identity, Espio the Chameleon, supplied Mega Man with the orb containing Espio Man's data to repay him for restoring his identity. Rather than an offensive weapon, Chroma Camo makes the user invisible to others and thus very difficult to hit with weapons. Mega Man later used the ability to sneak up on Shadow Man and ambush him with Tail Wind when the latter held Sonic the Hedgehog at his mercy with Chaos Cannon. In the Wily Egg, Mega Man used the weapon to lure a charging Treble and Metal Sonic into crashing into each other.

Mega Man's colors when using this weapon are purple and black, the purple matching Espio's natural coloring, while the black may be in reference to his gauntlets.


  • Chroma Camo is the name of Espio's special ability in Sonic Rivals 2.

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