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Cinq Ville as seen with Slither Inc. HQ.

Cinq Ville (サンクヴィル Sanku Viru, French: Five City) is a city from the Mega Man ZX series.


In game, Cinq Ville is divided into several areas, which are alphabetically ordered.

Cinq Ville's name goes unmentioned in the game, but is mentioned in the soundtracks ZX Tunes, ZXA Tunes and Rockman ZX Soundsketch - ZX GIGAMIX, and is the title of Area D's music. In ZX Tunes, it is considered a country whereas in ZXA Tunes, it is considered a city.[Citation needed] In ZX Gigamix it is the subject of the soundsketch "Reconstruction of Cinq Ville", which takes place one week after the events of Mega Man ZX.


  • The "Floating Ruins", "Scrapyard", "Highway" and "Control Center" stages from Mega Man ZX Advent are believed to be part of Cinq Ville due to their resemblance to Area A, Area F, Area D/O and Area D from Mega Man ZX.
  • At least part of Cinq Ville encompassed an area that dated back to the start of the Maverick War in Mega Man X, as an area leading up to Slither Inc.'s headquarters had a similar layout and architecture to the opening stage (identified as Abel City in Maverick Hunter X) in Mega Man X and Mega Man X7.
  • The name of the location is most likely taken from the track for Area D, Cinq Ville - C`est Notre Espoir, which means "Five City - It Is Our Hope" in French.
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