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ClabangerNS (クラバンガーNS) is the mini boss in the Magnetic Field, Mino Magnus's stage.


Durning the battle, it can use electricity to raise the platorms in the arena, making the risk of hitting the midboss accidentally higher. It can also release minature versions of itself called MiniCrab B (ミニクラバン B) and MiniCrab R (ミニクラバン R). They will walk about on the battlefield and do nothing, but if they both collide, the will explode into two purple fragments that can actually damage the sub boss, so the player can use this to their advantage to finish it quicker.

Its main weakness is Ice Javelin, due to how it is an electric type enemy and the fact it can multi-hit the enemy, making it extremely easy to beat. If the stage is played with Stormy weather, then there is the extra hazard of a electrified ceiling, therefore making it much harder to hit ClabangerNS with the afterforementioned EX Skill.



  • The effect of the MiniCrabs exploding upon colliding might be a reference to the idea phrase 'opposite forces attract'.
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