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Cline (クライン Kurain) is a Chinese dragon enemy in Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass.

Mega Man 8

In Mega Man 8, Clines generally fly in a straight line until they are attacked, at which point the enemy will begin to follow Mega Man. Clines have two attack points that Mega Man can inflict damage on: its head and its tail segments. The more tail sections that are destroyed, the faster the remaining body parts fly. If the tail/body segments are destroyed, the head will still fly about, chasing Mega Man. Only by destroying the head is the enemy truly destroyed. Clines can be found in Tengu Man's stage.

Clines comes in two varieties: the blue-and-pink Cline B and green-and-orange Cline G, each with different behaviors. Clines-G will fly to an area on the screen after taking enough damage and begin flying in a tight circle, after which it will self-destruct, sending each of its own body parts, including its head, spiraling in different directions. Clines-B are the basic type and will not self-destruct after taking enough damage.

Mega Man & Bass

In Mega Man & Bass, only Clines-G appear, and they appear in Burner Man and Tengu Man's stage. The behavior of these Clines-G are slightly different, but they otherwise can be taken out in the same fashion. Clines-G do not fly from one side of the screen to the next as in the previous game, but instead will slowly appear from one side of the screen and begin circling indefinitely. Once spiraling, it will not attack the player until they do so. Once attacked, it will begin to pursue the player until it is destroyed. Ice Wall, Remote Mine and Tengu Blade are very useful Special Weapons for dealing with a Cline as they can inflict massive damage against it. Copy Vision is also helpful as it will lure the enemy away from the player, Magic Card can easily remove most (if not all) of its tail segments with a single shot, and Lightning Bolt will take it out instantly.

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