"Some clowns short of a circus."
—Clown Man, Mega Man & Bass database

Clown Man (クラウンマン Kuraunman) is a mischievous Robot Master from Mega Man 8. He was originally a robot designed for an amusement park, but was stolen, reprogrammed, and remodeled for combat by Dr. Wily, gaining the ability to telescopically extend his arms and channel high-voltage electricity through them as part of his Special Weapon, the Thunder Claw. He can also temporarily surround himself in a ball of electricity and bounce around in fast and erratic patterns for a unique attack that he refers to as the Thunder Carnival. His weakness is Tengu Man's Tornado Hold as it can knock him out from the air during his flying trapeze swing and leave him all tangled up on the ground for a few seconds before he's able to recover. His leftover parts were later used by Wily to help create Frost Man.

Clown Man made his base in an amusement park somewhere in the east of Australia. Whilst he is of a mischievous, yet silly nature and is a good sportsman to his foes, he is also highly emotional, being particularly prone to having bouts of disliking everything and everyone around him. He is highly skilled on a flying trapeze, which he incorporates into his attack strategy to swing up and around repeatedly in an attempt to collide with his foes.



Intro (Stage Select) I'm Clown Man. Kuraunman-sama dazo.
Pre-battle I'll make you join my men! Omae mo ore no kerai ni shite yaru!
("I'll make you my retainer!")
Pre-battle Yo, geeky! Omae namaiki dazo.
("I think you are saucy.")
Pre-battle You've got no chance! Hehe, dōse omae ga makeru nda!
("Hehe, you'll lose after all!")
Pre-battle Weakling! This isn't a joking matter! Yowai kuse ni, namaiki dazo!
("Even though you are weak, you are saucy!")
Attack shout Watch It! Hoūra!
("Look look!")
Attack shout Thunder Carnival! Sandā kānibaru!
Attack shout Thunder Claw! Sandā kurō!
If Mega Man is hit by Thunder Claw. Wimp! Bāka!
("You dummy!")
Cry Ouch! Ite!
Hit by Tornado Hold Mommy!! Mama~!
Hit by Tornado Hold What are you doing!? Nan da yo~!
("What the hell!")
Hit by Tornado Hold What have you done to me?? Nani sunda yo~!?
("How could you do that!?")
Defeat See you in my dreams. Oboetero yo~!
("You'll regret this!")

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Stage enemies

Enemies in Clown Man's stage:

Other media

Rockman 8

In the manga, Clown Man disguises himself as a small wind-up robot called Antonio Takeda the Third before revealing himself to fight Mega Man.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Clown Man is also featured in Archie Comics' Mega Man series, debuting during the Worlds Collide crossover. He joins a large army of Robot Masters dispatched to attack Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog's team of allies, and was seen approaching Shadow the Hedgehog, though he evidently failed to defeat him. Shortly before Light's Robot Masters arrived as the cavalry, Clown Man was seen with several other Robot Masters attacking the (by that point) extremely exhausted Proto Man, Shadow, Amy, Rouge, Dr. Light, Chaotix, Silver, and Blaze, although Knuckles nonetheless managed to land a hit on Clown Man.

Other appearances

Clown Man has a brief appearance in the end of Mega Man Gigamix and the short stories from Rockman Maniax.



  • During Capcom's boss character contest for Mega Man 8, Clown Man was one of three robots created using a pre-made design template supplied to fans (Search Man and Sword Man were the others). Clown Man's template was known as "Long Arm Robot".
  • The North American Mega Man 8 manual states that Clown Man was originally a robot used on a science fiction TV show that Wily rescued after its cancellation. Made of old sets and props, Clown Man displays the charisma of show business. As Dr. Wily can't stop laughing at his long arms, Clown Man became especially proud of them due to never getting a laugh while on the show.
  • The basis for the Thunder Claw may stem from the joke novelty of the joy buzzer, which is a handheld device used to generate a harmless but surprising shock done for a handshake-based prank.
  • Although ColorMan.EXE and CircusMan.EXE have some similarities with Clown Man, they aren't NetNavi counterparts of him. However, his original concept, shown during the credits of Mega Man 8, showed him standing on a giant ball.
  • Clown Man is the second Robot Master to perform an attack involving turning into a ball and bouncing. The other two are Blizzard Man and Strike Man.
  • Clown Man is one of two entertainer themed Robot Masters, the other being Magic Man from Mega Man & Bass. Interestingly enough, both are weak to Tengu Man's respective weapons (Tornado Hold and Tengu Blade).
  • Coincidentally, Clown Man and Magic Man were both fan designs in a Nintendo Power contest. The prototype of Clown Man was designed by Eugene Han from Ridgewood, New Jersey. Most likely there is no connection whatsoever with Clown Man actually ending up as a Robot Master.
  • His quote, "See you in my dreams" could be a reference to Stephen King's It. In a scene where the character Eddie takes a shower, Pennywise the Dancing Clown comes out from the water drain to terrorize him and before leaving says "See you in your dreams."

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