The Clozer Woods (クローサーの森 Kurōsā no Mori) is a location from Mega Man Legends that covers the north-eastern side of Kattelox Island, being accessed by the Yass Plains to the north. The Clozer Woods Sub-Gate and Portal 3 are in this area. In the first time Mega Man Volnutt goes to the Clozer Woods he must stop the Bonne family from invading the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate, and fights against Leopolds in the way.

Clozer Woods Sub-Gate

The Clozer Woods Sub-Gate (クローサーの森のサブゲート) is the large underground ruins in the Clozer Woods. As the three Sub-Gates are sealed-off and can only be accessed by obtaining a license from the mayor Amelia, Teisel Bonne tried to enter the ruins by digging down to the bottom with his giant digging robot, the Marlwolf, creating a cliff and making it almost impossible to reach the entrance. Mega Man fights against Teisel to stop him, and destroys the Marlworf.

Mega Man can enter the Sub-Gate after the Flutter is fixed. The Clozer ruins are large and dark inside and is important for activating the Sub-Cities under the walled city on Kattelox Island and unlocking the Main Gate. This ruin has no Refractor but is still guarded by a group of three strong Reaverbots called Karumuna Bash.

After the Main Gate is opened and Mega Man leaves the ruins, the Bonnes attack the Flutter with their airship, the Gesellschaft. After their defeat, the Gesellschaft crashes in the Clozer Woods and the Bonnes escape with the Focke-Wulf, which they use to battle until they are defeated and fall from the skies.


Enemies in the Clozer Woods:

Enemies in the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate:

Aerial battle:


Clozer Woods:

  • Flower

Clozer Woods Sub-Gate:

Treasure chests:

  • Guidance Unit
  • Target Sensor
  • ID Card ("Clozer Woods Sub-Gate Key", 3x)

Holes in the walls:

  • Tele-lens
  • 450 Zenny
  • 920 Zenny
  • 1200 Zenny
  • 1840 Zenny
  • Antique Bell



  • Clozer Woods is named after one of the game's planners, Shin Kurosawa.[1]
  • Although the entrance of the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate is normally unaccessible, reaching it with cheats and using the door will show the text "SAMPLE.".[2]


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