Cocco (コッコ Kokko) is a large hen-like children toy robot enemy from Mega Man 5. It produces a continuous stream of Corocoros that try to ram into Mega Man. It has been known to lay up to three Corocoros at a time. Their weak spot is their head. They appear in Gyro Man's stage, Charge Man's stage, and in some of the Wily Castle stages.

Hits Data Chart

Amount of shots/hits from Special Weapons it takes to destroy a Cocco.

Mega Man 5
Mega Buster Gravity Hold Water Wave Power Stone Gyro Attack Star Crash Charge Kick Napalm Bomb Crystal Eye Super Arrow Beat
6:6:2 6 -- 3 3 3:3 -- 2 3:3 3 2


Corocoro (コロコロ Korokoro) is an walking egg-like enemy robot that comes out of Cocco. If an obstacle is in the way, they either hop over it, or attempt to leap over it and then turn around (depending on the blockade's height). Other than that, it has no more attacks. They can be destroyed easily with a normal shot from the Mega Buster and often drop useful power ups.


  • Cocco's name is derived from "kokko", Japanese for rooster crowing sound and nickname.
  • Corocoro's name is derived from "korokoro", Japanese onomatopoeia of small thing rolling.