Code of Conduct, known as The Steel Sniper (鋼鉄のスナイパー Kōtetsu no sunaipā) in Japan, is the 12th episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior Axess anime. It features the debut of SearchMan and the return and deletion ShadowMan until his revival in Rockman.EXE Stream.


MegaMan and Lan are at an air show festival, when the new Control X System is attacked. ShadowMan wants to destroy the system per order of Dr. Regal. MegaMan meets SearchMan, the NetNavi of a Net Saver from Sharo, but the two disagree about if one should attempt to save Navis once they are corrupted by a Dark Chip. MegaMan tries to battle ShadowMan alone, and is saved by SearchMan.


SearchMan is nearby a Control X System, which is a system that can control traffic on land, air, and sea. He spots and shoots at an intruder, ShadowMan. The latter is impressed not only with SearchMan's long range accuracy, but his instant willingness to delete the security Navis that had been corrupted by a Dark Chip. However, SearchMan had arrived too late, as the Control X System he had been sent to protect had already been destroyed.

In a station in space, ShadowMan informs Dr. Regal of his success. Dr. Regal then gives the Navi his next mission- destroy another Control X System, with a bonus of five Dark Chips to help complete it. After he leaves, Ms. Yuri shares her mistrust about ShadowMan, as he is only helping them for his own gain.

Meanwhile, Lan is quite excited about being at an air show festival. He watches an aerial display, but then spectacularly loses to MegaMan in a dogfight simulator. Lan is rather disinterested in the grand opening of the new Control X System afterword. However, Mr. Famous calls him with a Net Saver mission- the Control X System has been attacked.

MegaMan goes into the Cyberworld to find viruses attacking the system. He quickly defeats them, but is saved from a Dark Chip hitting him by one of the security Navis, all of which are corrupted instead. MegaMan is then faced with a dilemma- attack the Navis, or let them do the same to him, as they do not respond to his pleas to return to normal state. ShadowMan comes, ready to destroy the system while MegaMan is busy. However, SearchMan attacks him, then deletes all of the security Navis. ShadowMan then escapes from the area.

Mr. Famous brings the news that SearchMan is the NetNavi of a Net Saver. SearchMan introduces himself, stating that he was supposed to protect all of the Control X Systems in the world, but all of them had been attacked and destroyed, leaving the one nearby the last one standing. MegaMan agrees with protecting the system, but states that there could have possibly been a way to do it without deleting the security Navis. Much to MegaMan's chagrin, SearchMan is firm in his opinion in that any Navi corrupted by a Dark Chip could not be saved.

ShadowMan announces that he is using the old control tower to cause the failure of a plane's system, which would put the humans on it in danger. MegaMan is surprised when SearchMan states that he would be staying near the Control X System, saying it was ShadowMan's primary objective and his orders. The blue NetNavi goes on to battle ShadowMan alone.

MegaMan fights ShadowMan, but is severely outmatched when ShadowMan increases his power with a Dark Chip. However, near the Control X Tower, SearchMan has guilt spurned from MegaMan's earlier words, and uses his scanning ability to successfully pinpoint ShadowMan's location. Just as ShadowMan is ready to delete MegaMan, SearchMan fires, with his shot going through a warp to the area to hit ShadowMan. The enemy Navi wonders how MegaMan had attacked and is about to attack again. SearchMan releases another long range shot, this time being enough to delete ShadowMan.

Ms. Yuri tells Dr. Regal of ShadowMan's demise. Dr. Regal states that even with the failure of the mission, they have had enough time to finish their invisibility program, since it would still mean that no one would be able to discover their location.

MegaMan talks to SearchMan, both thanking him for helping and apologizing for saying that he was heartless earlier. Despite bluntly stating that MegaMan had been in the way, SearchMan eventually accepts the other Navi's gratitude. Back at the air show festival, Lan complains about SearchMan's one track mind, but his Navi tells him that SearchMan is not as he had seemed as first. MegaMan wonders why ShadowMan had wanted to destroy the Control X System.

In the Cyberworld, SearchMan practices firing at targets, and acknowledges that MegaMan's idea of compassion might be worthwhile to emulate.


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Battle Chips



  • The color of the virus created by the Battle Chip Fan is of the Wind Box (beige box that blows air) instead of the Vacuum Fan (blue box that sucks air, which is depicted in the chip's image in the episode). Despite the wrong color, it still acted like a Vacuum Fan, sucking air.
  • Raika is mentioned in this episode (though not by name), but he does not actually appear until "The Man from Sharo", the eighteenth episode of Megaman NT Warrior Axess.

Regional Difference

  • The flyers at the begin of the episode was from "Plane Festival" (in the Japanese version) to "Air Show".
  • There are some following scenes cut from the English dub of the episode:
    • SearchMan shot a Security Navi in the head while trying to delete ShadowMan.
    • SearchMan pointing his Scope Gun at Rockman.
    • SearchMan shot ShadowMan's in his left arm with his Scope Gun attack.
    • ShadowMan got his chest pierced through by SearchMan's Scope Gun attack and he looked at his chest before falling down to the ground upon his deletion.