Colton (コルトン Koruton) is a cowboy-like robot enemy in Mega Man 6 that appears in Tomahawk Man's stage and the fourth Mr. X stage. Coltons shoot once from their revolver arm as soon as they are visible, and fire again every time the bullet disappears.

Thier bullets can be destroyed by Plant Barrier.

Other media

Colton appears in the Rockman 6 manga.


  • Colton's name is based on the Colt revolver, as characterized by their revolver-like buster arm.
  • Interestingly, Coltons take six hits to kill, which is the number of rounds that the majority of Colt Revolver cylinder chambers have.
  • While Colton's sprites show them wearing a lime-green colored hat, the official artwork depicts them as wearing a blue colored hat.
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