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Comic BomBom Special (コミックボンボンスペシャル Komikku BonBon Supesharu) is a book series published by Kodansha. Six Mega Man information books were published in the series.

Rockman books

Comic BomBom Special #87:
Rockman Daizukan
(ロックマン 大図鑑 roughly "Rockman Big Reference Book")
Release dateApril 1993 ISBN
Summary Book with information from the first Mega Man to Mega Man 5 and the Game Boy games Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, Mega Man II, and Mega Man III.
Comic BomBom Special #96:
Saishinban Rockman Daihyakka
(最新版 ロックマン 大百科, "Latest Edition - Rockman Big Encyclopedia")
Release dateDecember 1994 ISBN
Summary Book with information from Mega Man 1-6, the five Mega Man games for Game Boy, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Mega Man X, and Mega Man X2.
Comic BomBom Special #99:
Ketteiban - Rockman 7 & Rockman X3 Chouhyakka
(決定版 ロックマン7 & ロックマンX3 超百科, "Definitive Edition - Rockman 7 & Rockman X3 Ultra Encyclopedia")
Release dateFebruary 1996 ISBN
Summary Contains information from Mega Man 7 and Mega Man X3
Comic BomBom Special #110:
Saishinban Rockman Super Daihyakka
(最新版 ロックマン スーパー大百科, "Latest Edition Rockman Super Big Encyclopedia")
Release dateMay 1997 ISBN
Summary Contains information from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man: Battle & Chase.
Comic BomBom Special #116:
Rockman X4 Saikyou Daizukan
(ロックマンX4 最強大図鑑, "Rockman X4 Strongest Big Reference Book")
Release dateOctober 1997 ISBN
Summary Mega Man X4 book.
Comic BomBom Special #118:
Rockman 10 Years History Book
(ロックマン 10年史 大事典 Rokkuman 10 Nenshi Daijiten)
Release dateMarch 1998 ISBN
Summary Commemorative history book with information of all games released at the time with additional comments and illustrations by Hitoshi Ariga. Includes a few Rockman Maniax comics and a poster of Mega Man & Bass.


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