Commander Beef Returns!, known as Revival! Commander Beef (復活!ビーフ司令 Fukkatsu! Bīfu Shirei) in Japan, is the 32nd episode of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. It aired on May 15, 2004 in Japan, and on September 3, 2005 in America.


Maysa, Sal, and Miyu return to DenTech City in pursuit of Gauss, who has returned to do business with Ms. Yuri. Ms. Mari is mistaken for Ms. Yuri, and Lan and his friends assist Maysa and the Net Agents in saving her.




  • Despite Gauss mistaking Ms. Mari for Ms. Yuri AND speaking of her name directly to her, Ms. Mari doesn't doesn't seem phased by her sister's mentioning. She merely accepts the identity mix-up that got her caught up in something big.
  • Gauss's fate would later be revealed in episode 9 of Rockman.EXE Stream, where he is sentenced to 931 years of prison, though he is freed by his daughter, Tesla. The names of the two episodes are similar to each other: The Japanese name of this episode is Revival! Commander Beef (復活!ビーフ司令 Fukkatsu! Bīfu Shirei), while the name of episode 9 of Stream is Revival! Neo WWW (復活! ネオWWW Fukkatsu! Neo Wārudo Surī).