Concrete Shot (コンクリートショット Konkurīto Shotto) is Concrete Man's Special Weapon from Mega Man 9. It fires a large glob of concrete that solidifies into a solid concrete block when it comes into contact with the ground, a wall, or an enemy with low health, which will then crack and disintegrate in a matter of seconds along with the enemy inside it. Said concrete blocks can serve as temporary platforms for Mega Man to step on, though by this method, they will crack faster. It can also harden magma barriers, which can then be destroyed with the Laser Trident, and disable laser beams such as the ones found in Dr. Wily's Castle (on the last stage). On enemies with higher health, it deals noticeable damage to them (three points of health) if they are not turned into a concrete block right away. However, enemies that are turned into concrete blocks by it will not drop items when defeated.

This weapon is Galaxy Man's weakness, and it can cancel his Black Hole Bombs by solidifying them, which then leaves him open to attack.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 9.

MM9-ConcreteShot-Icon.png Concrete Shot
Boss Damage
Concrete Man 1
Tornado Man 1
Splash Woman 1
Plug Man 1
Jewel Man 1
Hornet Man 1
Magma Man 1
Galaxy Man 4
Spike Pushers --
Mega Mech Shark: 1st Phase 2
Mega Mech Shark

: 2nd Phase

Mega Mech Shark

: 3rd Phase

Twin Devil 1
Wily Machine No. 9: 1st Phase --
Wily Machine No. 9: 2nd Phase 4
Wily Capsule 1
Fake Man 1
  • For "Spike Shooters" and Wily Machine No. 9's first phase, both bosses do not have data for them because they must be damaged with their own weapon or obstacle -- the Concrete Shot cannot inflict damage to them directly.


One Concrete Shot costs two weapon energy units. It can be fired fourteen times with a full weapon energy gauge.

Bosses weak against Concrete Shot


  • When a Concrete Shot forms while Mega Man is inside it or a concrete block falls on him, it pushes him forward. This can be used to help in Time Attacks.
  • The Concrete Shot is similar to the Ice Burst from Mega Man X6 as both weapons fire a block that the player can stand on.
    • It is also similar to the Wind Storm from Mega Man 6 in which does not drop any pickups from enemies defeated from the weapon
    • It also has a similarity to the Crystal Hunter because it is a blob and then a block.
  • Multiple of these are able to block Mega Man/Proto Man from going through a shutter.

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