This article is about the character. For the Battle Chip, see Fishy.

Condor (コンドル Kondoru) is an UMA character from Mega Man Star Force 2.

Game History

After Geo Stelar and his friends save Bud Bison and escape from Whazzap, Hyde talks with the Shaman and gives him an ancient Star Carrier with Condor, allowing him to EM Wave Change into Terra Condor. Condor is apparently destroyed after Terra Condor's defeat.

Later, several copies of Condor and other UMAs are created by Le Mu and sent to terrorize the population of Earth. One Condor spots Mega Man in the continent of Mu and uses EM Wave Change with a Murian to become Terra Condor and stop him, without success.

Anime History

In the Shooting Star Rockman Tribe anime, Condor's silhouette appears from flames in the Whazzap Ruins and possesses the Shaman. He tries to use its power to rule Whazzap as a god, but Mega Man manages to defeat him and the Shaman returns to normal.

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