Conveyor Belt in Mega Man 2.

"This belt moves at adjustable speeds, making it harder to keep your footing."
Mega Man Powered Up description

Conveyor Belt, or Belt Conveyor (ベルトコンベア Beruto Konbea), is a gimmick from the Mega Man franchise that moves infinitely in a set direction. A character or object standing still while on the belt will move in the same direction.


Video gameStage(s)Notes
Mega Man Powered UpTime Man's stageIn Construction mode, players can choose the direction it will move and one of four speeds:
  1. "This is the slow speed. You can overcome the resistance just by walking."
  2. "This is the medium speed. It is about the same speed at which you walk."
  3. "This is the fast speed. It moves faster than you can walk!"
  4. "This is the fastest speed. Even slowing time isn't enough to counter it!"
Mega Man 2Metal Man's stageThe conveyor belt in Metal Man's room periodically changes directions.
Mega Man 5 Proto Man's Castle
Wily Castle
Proto Man's Castle has more traditional belts, while Wily's Castle has spinning wheels.
Mega Man 10 Solar Man's stage
Wily Castle
Enker's stage
Ballade's stage
Mega Man & BassDynamo Man's stage
King Stage 1
At first the conveyor belts in the stage move slowly, but their speed will gradually increase if the player stays on them.
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's RevengeCut Man's stage
Mega Man IIMetal Man's stage
Mega Man VMercury's stageThe direction in which they go changes from left to right periodically.
Mega Man X Flame Mammoth's stage
Mega Man Xtreme 2
Mega Man X6Recycle Lab
Mega Man X8Troia BaseScorpy-Q
Mega Man X: Command MissionUlfat Factory
Mega Man Zero 3 Weapons Repair Factory
Missile Factory
Mega Man ZXArea E
Mega Man ZX AdventTrain3
Mega Man Legends Cardon Forest Sub-Gate
The Misadventures of Tron BonneTeche Harbor
Primiki Harbor
Oshioki Kobun
Mega Man Battle Network 5DrillComp
Mega Man Network Transmission Firewall

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