This page is about the machine used to insert NetNavis into the real world. To see information on the doppelganger of Mega Man, see Copy Robot.
A CopyBot (enlarged)

A CopyBot, known as Copyroid (コピーロイド) in the Japanese version, is a machine used in Mega Man Battle Network 6 and Rockman.EXE Beast. It is a humanoid-shaped machine which, when a NetNavi is inserted into it, will allow the NetNavi to move in the real world. A CopyBot will take on the likeness of the Navi inserted. While CopyBots aren't normally able to use Battle Chips or attacks and can only be used for a short period, modified ones are shown to be able to attack, such as Colonel using Screen Divide in one to destroy Sky Town's weather computer, and have a longer duration, such as the one used by Iris.

Game History

  • Iris uses a CopyBot to wander around in the human world, enabling her to keep an eye on Lan and aid him as needed.
  • In the Central Town Expo, there are hundreds of CopyBots. When Lord Wily introduced himself, HeelNavis occupied all of them and went on a rampage in Cyber City.
  • Two gigantic CopyBots are used by Wily to allow Gregar and Falzar to appear in the human world. However, the Cybeasts were quickly followed into the CopyBot's systems by MegaMan, Colonel and Iris and were deleted for good before they could cause any harm.
  • At the end of the series, Lan receives a CopyBot as a graduation present from an anonymous source. It was generally believed to be the same CopyBot that Iris used, and is now used by MegaMan to spend time in the real world.

Anime History

Rockman.EXE Beast

CopyBots were invented by Makoto Aoki. Zoano Punk helped her complete the CopyBots so they could be massproduced and stolen to allow Zoanoroids to appear in the real world and widen their search for Trill.EXE.[1] It is utilized by Zoanoroids for the remainder of the series and is also used by Colonel and Iris.

Although not specifically stated, it is hinted that the Tadashi Hikari of Beyondard also created Copyroids.

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Rockman.EXE Beast+

Small, regular and extra large sized Copyroids are used by BubbleMan, Chirol, and Captain Kurohige to cause chaos in the real world.[2]



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