A CopyBot is a machine used in MegaMan Battle Network 6 and Rockman EXE Beast. It is a mchine in which if a NetNavi is inseted, will allow the NetNavi to move in the real world. A CopyBot will take on the likeliness of the Navi inseted but they cannot use Battle Chips. Iris.EXE uses a CopyBot to wander around in the human world. In the Expo, there are hundreds of copybots. When Lord Wily introduced himself, HeelNavis occupied all of them and went on a rampage in Cyber City. Two gigantic CopyBots are used to allow Gregar and Falzar to appear in the human world.

Rockman EXE Beast

Copybots were invented by Makoto Aoki and were stolen to allow Zoanoroids to appear in the real world and widen their search for Trill.EXE.

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