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In the beginning of the battle, the Copy Robot will be on the top level. If the player is fast enough, he can get to him down with his weakness before he changes places.
In the beginning of the battle, the Copy Robot will be on the top level. If the player is fast enough, he can get to him down with his weakness before he changes places.
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==Copy Rockman==
==Copy Rockman==

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Copy Robot is a boss that can copy everything from the Robot Master he fights against, like the appearance, abilities and memories. The only thing he doesn't copy is the personality, which he mantains his own. His true form is unknown. It is unknown if he even has a true form.

Copy Robot

Copy Robot (コピーロボット Kopī Robotto) copies everything from the robot he is fighting against, except the personality. He always uses the same weapon the original is using, but in the remake Mega Man: Powered Up he can choose any weapon to attack. The only weapon he can't copy is the Magnet Beam.

In Mega Man: Powered Up, the Copy Robot is shown during dialogues to be cocky and sarcastic, referring to most of the Robot Masters by nicknames, the only exception being Oil Man. He has a slight personality tweak at times depending on who he is copying (As Guts Man, he claims nothing is better than brute strength, while as Ice Man, he wants a "chilling silence.") He copies whoever he is fighting, but he has a greenish tinge to his color, as do the copies of the Robot Masters you fight before him. As Mega Man, he is able to use the Buster as well as the Special Weapons. On Hard, he is able to use Charge Shots. If you use a Robot Master, he uses the exact same fighting style as the one you are playing as. When he copies Roll, he can perform the two-stage weapon swing. It doesn't matter which Roll you play as; the Copy Robot will always copy the default Roll costume. Higher levels allow Copy Roll to jump across the field, swinging with each jump. When fighting against Proto Man on Easy, all he does is move back and forth, firing a Proto Strike every time he turns around. On higher levels, Copy Proto Man fires off three Proto Strikes rapid-fire every time he reaches an edge, often jumping to make the pattern more difficult to dodge. His Mega incarnation is the weakest, only being able to perform simple Mega Kicks, sometimes jumping on higher levels. Based on this encounter, it shows that the Copy Robot doesn't like it if he copies seemingly weak robots.

Mega Man Powered Up Dialogues

Mega Man

Copy Megaman: Hey, Blue Bomber! Just a little unfair to steal other robots' arms, don'tcha think?

Megaman: A clone of...me?! How far will Dr. Wily go?...

Copy Megaman: But I guess being a copy of you would make me the biggest cheat of them all, right?!


Copy Mega: Yo, Blue! You call yourself a "helpful" robot with your non- existent skills?

Mega: A clone of...me?! How far will Dr. Wily go?...

Copy Mega: Let's get this over with. I've got a new body waiting for me.

Cut Man

Copy Cutman: Yo, No-brains! Don't you know running with scissors is dangerous?

Cutman: A clone of me?! He's really well made!

Copy Cutman: You...you're so stupid...are you sure you even know how to use those scissors?

Guts Man

Copy Gutsman: Yo, Muscle-head! Let's get this power match on! There's nothin' better than brute strength, after all.

Gutsman: Heeey! Those arms, those legs, that frame--top of the line parts! If I win, you're workin' for me!

Copy Gutsman: What?! Hey, hey...wait a sec!!

Ice Man

Copy Iceman: Yo, Snowflake! I'm gonna...nah, shattering you all over would ruin the chilling silence I want...

Iceman: Oh! A well-constructed toy, sir! Put it on ice and bring it back to base, soldier!

Copy Iceman: W-what?! Wait just one darn...!

Bomb Man

Copy Bombman: Yo, Firecracker! Any ol' fool can chuck bombs around!

Bombman: Idiot! Bombs aren't toys! Timing it right, lighting the fuse-- that's stuff you gotta leave to pros!

Copy Bombman: I can do that. Wanna see?

Fire Man

Copy Fireman: Yo, Small Fry! All your loud "burning" words are just smoke in the wind!

Fireman: You! You're a fake! ...Has it finally happened?! A copy of me has appeared...so that means I am a real HERO!!

Copy Fireman: How pathetic...I can't believe he's serious...

Elec Man

Copy Elecman: Yo, Sparky! You're a top-notch robot, right? That makes me quite happy.

Elecman: Not as well-built as my glorious self, but I suppose I can see the resemblance.

Copy Elecman: Hmm...can I imitate that conceited tone? I'll finish you at lightning speed! Something like that?

Time Man

Copy Timeman: Yo, Gearhead! I'm grateful to you. You've got smarts, so I got smarts, too!

Timeman: What an unpleasant fellow. I must stop him this instant!

Copy Timeman: Hey, if I'm unpleasant, you are, too!

Oil Man

Copy Oilman: Hey, hey! You gotta be jokin'! Check this out. Even the oil in my body hates you!

Oilman: Maybe you just don't get how good my mojo is! It powers you too, y'know!

Copy Oilman: Alright, let's just hurry up and finish this. I got another job waiting.


Copy Roll: How do you do, Original Roll? I bet you're worrying about your precious Mega...ha ha ha...

Roll: What?! I-I...Th-that's not what I'm thinking at all!!

Copy Roll: You and I are one in the same. I know everything about you. It's okay, I'll tell him for you. ...Or are you going to try to stop me?

Proto Man

Copy Protoman: Yo, Proto Me!

Protoman: That madman. Even worse than those Joe robots, to think he'd make something like this!

Copy Protoman: Don't lump me in with that crowd! I'm a perfect replica of you, after all!

Holograph Mega Men

Holograph Mega Men (ホログラフロックマンズ Horogurafu Rokkumanzu, Holograph Rockmans in Japan) is Copy Robot with 2 holograms of him. This Copy Robot only copies the appearance, he doesn't copy weapons and moves, as he can shoot at any direction with the Mega Buster. Each of the three stays in a platform, and only the true Copy Robot can be damaged, changing places with the holograms at times. His weakness is Top Spin and Search Snake.

In the beginning of the battle, the Copy Robot will be on the top level. If the player is fast enough, he can get to him down with his weakness before he changes places.

Copy Rockman

Copy Rockman (コピーロックマン) is a character from the manga Rockman Megamix based on the Copy Robot that appears in the story "The Strongest Enemy to Date". He's a copy of Mega Man that believes to be the real one and has his memories, but has some differences between the original: His eyes are different, he has a different voice tone, Dr. Wily's mark is hidden in his neck, and he is more powerful then the original, but has a defect that can overload and destroy him if he uses his full power. When he finds out he's a copy created by Wily, he revolts and attacks the real Mega Man, accidentally hurting Roll when she moves in front of the original to protect him, making the copy feel guilt for shooting his sister and Dr. Light's robots angry. Shadow Man watches him during the events.

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