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Count Bomb (カウントボム Kaunto Bomu) is a bomb originally created to be used in construction sites that countdowns and blows up when the button on top of it is pressed. They can be used as platforms before blowing up, and they can walk in Mega Man 8 and Mega Man: Powered Up (these tend to be red in color). The Count Bomb made its first appearance in Mega Man III at Shadow Man's, Spark Man's, and Drill Man's stages and then appeared again in Mega Man 6 at Blizzard Man's stage.

Types of Count Bombs

Count Bomb (Mega Man III)

A Count Bomb with a fuse appears in Mega Man III at Shadow Man's, Spark Man's, and Drill Man's stages, as well as in the final stage at Wily Station. They reappear some time after their explosion. This design has a visible fuse that is ignited when Mega Man stands on the trigger. Unlike future versions of the item, this one only appears with the trigger at its top. It also does not reflect Mega Man's projectiles.

Count Bomb

The Count Bomb from Mega Man 6 that appears at Blizzard Man's stage. According to the Rockman Complete Works database of Mega Man 6, there are many instances that Skull Walkers accidentally set them up.

The Count Bomb returns in Mega Man 10, found in Nitro Man's stage, Chill Man's stage, the first Wily Castle stage and Special Stage 1. Along the 3 seconds timer from Mega Man 6, they are also set to explode in 5 seconds or 0 seconds.

Count Bomb NEO

Count Bomb NEO is the Count Bomb from Mega Man 7, with changes in the visual, speed and power. These explosives are in Burst Man's chemical stage.

In the third Wily Castle stage, there are rectangular Count Bomb-like platforms that fly a short distance before exploding. They are set to explode in 4 seconds.

Count Bomb GEO

Count Bomb GEO is the standard Count Bomb from Mega Man 8. They appear in Grenade Man's stage, Aqua Man's stage, and in the third Wily Tower stage.

Count Bomb CD

Count Bomb CD is a red Count Bomb from Mega Man 8. When activated, its feet will appear and it falls on the ground to walk. They appear in the same stages as Count Bomb GEO.

Count Bomb (Mega Man Powered Up)

The Count Bombs in Mega Man Powered Up act similar to Mega Man 8, having both a normal and walking type. Both have the same appearance, so their differences can only be noted when they are active. Their appear in Time Man's stage, Bomb Man's stage, and in the third Castle Wily stage.

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