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0 Seconds Before the Dam Breaks! is the thirty-fifth episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime, and was adapted into the English dub's twenty-eighth episode, Countdown to Catastrophe. In the English dub, this episode features the debut of Seiji Froid.


Lan and his friends are camping in Okuden Valley, with nature loving Sal acting as their chaperone, when Sal runs into an old childhood friend: Dave, now a park ranger, who quickly makes friends with Lan and the gang as well. But unknown to our friends, Dave has a dark secret: he also works for the criminal organization called Grave. At night, Dave's NetNavi QuickMan sneaks into the net control system for Okuden Dam and moves to destroy it. Sal and Lan race to stop his plan and find that his intentions aren't what they seem. But when he starts to have a change of heart, a new NetNavi, CutMan, appears on the scene to finish the job and eliminate QuickMan.[1]



  • When QuickMan speeds through the dam's security, he dodges several yellow lasers. This is likely a reference to the original Quick Man's stage in Mega Man 2, where Mega Man must dodge yellow instant-death lasers.