"It makes your offensive power increase in a tight situation. You can turn the tables and win!"
Auto's description

The Counter Attacker (カウンターアタッカー "C. Attack") is an item that appears in Mega Man & Bass. It can be bought in Auto's shop for 200 Screws after 3 Robot Masters have been defeated.


The Counter Attacker must be equipped in order for it to activate. It cannot be active at the same time as any other equipable item. Additionally, the item only takes effect when either Mega Man or Bass has 7 HP or below. When the Counter Attacker activates, every attack the player uses will deal 2 extra damage. For example, an uncharged buster shot will deal 3 damage, as opposed to 1, and a fully charged Mega Buster shot will deal 5 damage as opposed to 3.


Counter Attack Demonstration

Counter Attack Demonstration

This video demonstrates the Counter Attacker item in action with multiple examples of its uses.

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