Crabs-Y (クラブズ-Y, Kurabuzu-Y) is a giant, crab-like amphibious Maverick from Mega Man X8 that wreaked havoc in Noah's Park. It was originally created as a security Mechaniloid, and its claws are for capture.[1] It's fought three times, the first two as a sub-boss in the forest (near the beginning of the stage) and waterfall areas, and the last as the boss of the stage in an abandoned facility. One of its claws appears in the Noah's Park Intermission.


Crabs-Y will initially begin on the far right-side of the room after blowing out a huge portion of the wall. Despite the Maverick's size there is plenty of room to maneuver; the situation only becomes tricky if it corners the character against a wall.

  • The crab begins the battle by slowly advancing forward with a single claw open to defend itself; single saber strikes and normal shots fired at the claw are deflected.
  • Upon trapping the character against the left wall he will be on the receiving end of a quick series of stabs from the crab's claws, so ascending the wall as it closes in will ensure evasion. After delivering a few stabs, the crab will jump backwards before raising its defensive claw and walking forward again.
    • If the player manages to leap over the crab while it is attacking the wall, it will simply spin around and continue advancing towards the character to repeat its defense-attack cycle.
  • Use barrier-breaking attacks, such as firing a fully charged X-Buster or performing a three hit combo with the Z-Saber, to stun the crab and make it vulnerable. This will give the player the opportunity to use the Double Attack to finish it off (or attacking the crab in this state will cause it to drop attack gauge refills). It will be apparent if the final blow is dealt during the Double Attack if the swarming matrix in the background appears orange rather than green.


  • Vulcan (バルカン[1][2]) (1st): Crabs-Y shoots 3 bullets from each of the two points on a leg toward the player.
  • Claw Pincer (爪ハサミ[1], 爪はさみ[2]) (1st): Crabs-Y launches its claw toward the player. It tries to pinch ​the player from behind.
  • Crabs-K (クラブ-K[1][2]) (2nd): Crabs-Y releases some Crabs-K from the waterfall. It goes toward the player and hits.
  • Claw Attack (爪攻撃[1][2]) (2nd): Crabs-Y launches its claw. It crosses in a straight line, opens and spins, and falls from above.
  • Claw Beating (爪殴り[1][2]) (3rd): Crabs-Y drives the player into the wall side and beats with its claws.



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