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Crazy Razy (クレイジーレイジー Kureijī Reijī) is a security guard robot that fires a single shot at its target. When their legs are destroyed, their upper body will take flight and chase Mega Man while trying to punch him or run into Megaman with "crazy" AI. A single shot to the head will destroy them at any moment and/or form. They only appear in Ice Man's stage in the first Mega Man game.

They reappear in the remake, Mega Man Powered Up. Here, their head has a propeller and they also appear in the first Castle Wily stage. On Easy mode, their heads never detach from their bodies, making him rather easy to take out.

Crazy Razy in Mega Man Network Transmission

CrazyRazy appear in Mega Man Network Transmission as a virus. These viruses act basically/as the same as the regular Crazy Razy.

Virus Stats

BC Element Null
Dropped: DoubJump
Location: Waterworks Comp


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