Cream the Rabbit is a female Rabbit from the same world as Sonic the Hedgehog who is constantly accompanied by her pet Chao Cheese. She is a friend and ally of Sonic's in his efforts to defeat the evil Doctor Eggman.


Worlds Collide

Prior to the Genesis Wave washing over both Cream's world and that of Mega Man, Cream was a member of Team Freedom. She and her fellow heroes discovered the evil Tails Doll in their midst, and were preparing to do battle with it when the Genesis Wave hit. Cream did not join Sonic's allies in the Skull Egg Zone, but Eggman pictured her in a fantasy along with her teammate Big the Cat in which he returned to their world with the Wily Egg to terrorize them without Sonic's interference.


When the effects of the Super Genesis Wave were being reversed by Super Sonic, Eggman interfered and caused their universe to become drastically altered. As a result, Cream ended up in the world of Blaze the Cat along with Amy Rose, but later rejoined the Freedom Fighters.

Worlds Unite

By Sally Acorn's request, Cream called her mother to get Gemerl to help in the battle against Sonic Man. Later she acts as a navigator for the heroes.



Like her friend Miles "Tails" Prower, Cream is capable of flight through unusual means: she can take off and stay in the air by flapping her large ears.

Background Information

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