Creamland (クリームランド Kurīmurando) is a country to the far north in the Mega Man Battle Network series and the MegaMan NT Warrior anime.

Game History

Creamland is never visited but it is known that Princess Pride is the leader of the country. In Mega Man Battle Network 2, it's revealed that Creamland was once prosperous due to the Net, gaining powerful very quickly. However, once the big countries' caught up in progress, Creamland was deemed "to be in their way" and got left in the dust. Pride allied herself with Gospel in order to take revenge by taking out other countries' Official NetBattlers.

In Mega Man Battle Network 5, the country was currently doing research to develop a new PET, so Princess Pride traveled to Oran Island to mine the MagnoMetal material. Pride points out that the abundance of nature scenery reminds her of Creamland.

Anime History

Creamland is first seen in MegaMan NT Warrior being called BrightLand [1] in the English dub. Lan and co. go there to help Princess Pride stop the rampaging KnightMan from destroying the firewall to BrightLand's main computer system. It's revealed it was a conspiracy from its enemy country, DarkLand.

BrightLand is to the far north, being an island nation covered in ice for most of the year, and neighbors a land mass known as Syacclea that is between BrightLand and Sharo and whose ownership of the land has been feuded over between the two countries for many years, leading to hostility between the two. This led to General Koudo of BrightLand to utilize Asteroid AirMan in an attempt to make a army of Asteroids to use by BrightLand to go to war with Sharo, but Princess Pride of BrightLand and Raika of Sharo stopped Koudo's plans and worked together to finish BrightLand's Cross Fusion research lab.

BrightLand's architecture is very medieval, with a large stone castle at the center. This is Princess Pride's castle, and is also where Creamland's main computer core is kept.


  • Although the location is never seen in the games, it's speculated the name is based on Iceland, a play on words with "Ice Cream".
    • Creamland in the anime is described as a northern island nation that is covered in ice for most of the year, which suggests it may be the Battle Network incarnation of Greenland.


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