A group shot of all thirteen Cross Fusion Members.

The Cross Fusion Members (クロスフュージョンメンバー) are a task force of 13 individuals who can perform Cross Fusion. Assembled by the NetPolice in Rockman.EXE Stream in response to the threat of Duo.EXE and the Asteroid Navis, they were all marked with the “Crest of Duo” and could see Duo’s Comet, signaling that they were chosen by Duo for his trial, and that should they fail, the Earth would be annihilated. At the end of the season, Duo would deemed the test a failure and destroyed the planet, however Barrel performs Cross Fusion with Duo, helping him learn compassion for life and he restores the Earth.

The Cross Fusion Members (sans Barrel) reunite in the last episodes of Rockman.EXE Beast to fight off the Zoanoroid invasion. When the Super Cyber Beast arrives on Earth, it easily defeats the team, however Netto appears and destroys the beast easily. This is the last time the team fights together, and the last time many of them are seen besides a cameo in the series finale of the show.

In Rockman.EXE Beast+, all of the Cross Fusion Members make an appearance except for Barrel and Princess Pride, though many merely have cameos in the series finale.


The Cross Fusion Members

There is a total of 13 Cross Fusion Members.


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