Bass Cross MegaMan

Cross MegaMan is a transformation system in Mega Man Battle Network 5 and its DS counterpart which functions similarly to other transformation systems in the Mega Man Battle Network series. The system only has two forms, but is much more potent than the Double Soul and Cross Systems. Cross MegaMan provides an alternate base form for MegaMan with several Navi Customizer programs already installed, as well as an altered Charged Shot. The mask cover is also enabled by default. All of these transformation are powerful and effective.

Cross MegaMan does not overwrite Double Soul, and all of the non-Buster related abilities associated with it remain present in the Double Soul transformation. There are two Cross MegaMan forms present in Mega Man Battle Network 5: Bass Cross MegaMan and Solar Cross MegaMan, which is only available in the DS version. Initiating these Crosses will change MegaMan's appearance in the Touch Screen and in his Emotion Window, though unlike Double Souls, MegaMan can still enter any of his original Emotions (like Worried, Angry, or even Dark) while under the effects of a Cross.

In the Games

Bass Cross MegaMan, the combination of ultimate darkness, draws on the power of Bass.EXE. When using this system, MegaMan's appearance and powers resemble those of Bass.
Sol Cross MegaMan, the reincarnation of pure sunlight, draws on the power of Django from the Boktai series of video games, a part of the crossover.

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