Heat Cross, MegaMan's Cross with HeatMan.

Not to be confused with Cross Fusion or Cross MegaMan.

The Cross System (クロスシステム Kurosu Shisutemu) is a transformation system introduced in Mega Man Battle Network 6 that allows one NetNavi to use the powers of other NetNavi. In the game Mr. Match (Gregar version) / Shuko Kido (Falzar version) teaches this new system to Lan Hikari. The Cross System also appears in the Rockman.EXE Beast+ anime, but only Aqua, Elec, Ground and Tomahawk Crosses appear in the episodes of the series.


The Cross System is similar in concept to the Double Soul (Soul Unison) from previous games, in that MegaMan gains traits of other NetNavi (here called a Link Navi), but it does not use any Battle Chip sacrifices, can be initiated at any time during the battle, and may last for the entire battle unless MegaMan is hit with an attack the Cross is weak to, in which case he takes double damage and loses the cross for the rest of the battle. Every cross now has a weakness, as four of the other attacking chip types (Wind, Sword, Break and Cursor) now have their own cycle of weaknesses (Wind→Cursor→Break→Sword→Wind).

Additionally, a player can "Cross Beast" by using a Cross in Beast Out or vice versa. It carries the same capabilities, but the Mega Buster has been replaced with the rapid-fire Beast Busters, and it can charge non-element chips to perform a devastating attack. If timed correctly, triggering a Cross can allow players to get out of a stun or out of a rapid, consecutive hitting attack launched by an opponent.

Interestingly, the Cross System doesn't change MegaMan's foot design, but the color only. For example, Double Soul Tomahawk Soul changes MegaMan's foot with squared design, while the Tomahawk Cross only changes the color to blueish green.

Crosses in Gregar Version

Crosses here focus more on raw power to quickly defeat opponents.

Mega Man Battle Network 6
Gregar Crosses
HeatCrEmo Heat Cross
  • Element: BC Element Heat Fire
  • Weakness: BC Element Aqua Aqua
  • Non-dimming Fire chips gain 50 attack
  • Buster attack increases by 1
  • Charge Shot: Fire Arm
Hits the 3 panels ahead of MegaMan for (20 x Buster rank + 30) Fire damage.
ElecCrEmo Elec Cross
Elec Cross
  • Element: BC Element Elec Elec
  • Weakness: BC Element Wood Wood
  • Non-dimming element-less chips can be charged to gain Paralyze effect
  • Non-dimming Elec chips gain 50 attack
  • Charge Shot: Thunder Bolt
Hits the entire row in front of MegaMan for (20 x Buster rank + 40) Elec damage. Extremely quick, so it's harder to get put in the line of fire, unlike other crosses.
SlashCrEmo Slash Cross
Slash Cross
  • Element: BC Attribute Sword Sword
  • Weakness: BC Attribute Break Break
  • Non-dimming Sword chips gain 50 attack
  • Non-dimming Sword chips can be charged to launch a Sonic Boom with the same range as the chip
  • Charge Shot: Wide Slash
Hits a 2x3 area in front of MegaMan for (20 x Buster rank + 60) Sword damage. If there is an object in the column immediately in front of MegaMan it will hit a 1x3 area instead. Very useful on bosses.
KillerCrEmo Erase/Killer Cross
Erase Cross
  • Element: TypeCursor Cursor
  • Weakness: BC Attribute Wind Wind
  • Cursor chips gain 30 attack
  • Hitting viruses with 4 in their HP with non-dimming elementless chips will instantly delete them regardless of power, doing the same with Navis gives HP bug
  • Charge Shot: Killer Death Beam
Hits the entire row in front of MegaMan for (20 x Buster rank + 40) Cursor damage. Pierces Invis. Can consecutively hit enemies. Unarguably the fastest buster.
ChargeCrEmo Charge Cross
Charge Cross
  • Element: BC Element Heat Fire
  • Weakness: BC Element Aqua Aqua
  • Non-dimming Fire chips can be gradually charged for up to 100 attack boost
  • Custom capacity expanded by 1 after each turn using the Cross
  • Charge Shot: Charge Tackle
MegaMan turns invincible and charges down the three panels ahead of him, hitting the closest enemy for (20 x Buster rank + 30) Fire and Breaking damage. This Charge Shot can be used to avoid attacks.

Crosses in Falzar Version

Crosses here are more gimmicky and focus on status effects.

Mega Man Battle Network 6
Falzar Crosses
AquaCrEmo Aqua/Spout Cross
Spout Cross
  • Element: BC Element Aqua Aqua
  • Weakness: BC Element Elec Elec
  • Non-dimming Aqua chips can be charged for double damage.
  • Aqua chips will heal 5% of your maximum HP. Extremely useful for recovering when you have no healing chips left.
  • No-slip on Ice panels.
  • Charge Shot: Bubble Shot
Fastest Charge speed. Fires forward, hitting for (10 x Buster rank + 20) Aqua damage, spreading to the panel behind the point of impact.
ThawkCrEmo Tomahawk Cross
Tomahawk Cross
  • Element: BC Element Wood Wood
  • Weakness: BC Element Heat Fire
  • Non-dimming Wood chips can be charged for double damage.
  • Status Guard enabled
  • Heal on Grass panels slowly
  • Charge Shot: Tomahawk Swing
Covers a 2x3 area in front of MegaMan for (20 x Buster rank + 40) Wood and Sword damage. Induces flinch. Has a slight delay comparing to Tomahawk Soul.
TenguCrEmo Tengu Cross
Tengu Cross
  • Element: BC Attribute Wind Wind
  • Weakness: BC Attribute Sword Sword
  • Non-dimming Wind chips gain 10 attack
  • B + Left will suck all enemies to the front of the area, removing Barriers and Auras
  • Airshoes enabled, allowing to move in empty panels.
  • Charge Shot: Tengu Racket
Covers a 1x3 area Widesword fashion immediately in front of MegaMan for (20 x Buster rank + 40) Wind damage, removing all Barriers and Auras along with pushing everything to the back row. Does not flinch.
GroundCrEmo Ground Cross
Ground Cross
  • Element: BC Attribute Break Breaking
  • Weakness: TypeCursor Cursor
  • Non-dimming Breaking chips gain 10 attack
  • Using non-dimming Breaking chips will also cause rocks to rain on the enemy
  • Super Armour enabled.
  • Charge Shot: Drill Arm
MegaMan disappears into a hole, then resurfaces as close to the nearest enemy as possible, hitting 2 panels ahead up to 3 times for (10 x Buster rank + 10) Breaking damage. Enemies hit are pushed backwards, and continue to take hits if they cannot move further. This may not hit if the panel is occupied or is a hole.
DustCrEmo Dust Cross
Dust Cross
  • Element: BC Attribute Break Break
  • Weakness: TypeCursor Cursor
  • B + ← will remove all obstacles. They can then be fired using the regular Buster, dealing 200 damage.
  • Selected chips can be recycled into your folder, and new chips drawn in their place. This is a variation on chip shuffling from previous transformations like Search Soul.
  • Charge Shot: Scrap Reborn
Fires a scrap robot that travels down the row to the closest enemy, which punches the panel for (10 x Buster rank + 50) Breaking damage, and breaking the panel it hits. It will hit the panel at the end of the row if no enemy is found.


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