Crossbyne (クロスバイン Kurosubain) is an enemy from Mega Man Zero 3 and Mega Man Zero 4. It warps around and fires shots in the four intermediary or basic directions.

In Mega Man Zero 3 it appears in a room in the Aegis Volcano Base (Blazin' Flizard's stage) and Energy Facility (Cubit Foxtar's stage). In Aegis Volcano Zone there is a countdown, and they appear and disappear for 30 seconds. After that they will be destroyed and will not reappear until Zero plays the level once more. There is a set number that appears, so they can all be defeated before the time is up, sort of like a time trial challenge.

In Mega Man Zero 4 it appears in the Living City (Popla Cocapetri's stage) and the Teleporter Base. Its parts can be used to make the Spike Type I Chip.

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