Crown (クラウン) is a character from the Mega Man Star Force series. He is the FM-ian partner of Jean Couronne XIV. When the two EM Wave Change, they become Crown Thunder.

Anime History

His origins are the same as his game counterpart, except he appears in an abandoned amusement park. He is defeated by Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis when they learn about their weakness: striking the amusement park (because his host´ soul was linked to it). Later, when Cygnus Wing steals an EM Wave Device, Crown can become Crown Thunder again and he could turn into his human host which is a corpse pierced with arrows. He is a huge fan of Sonia Strumm, and watches her drama show and concerts with Cancer Bubble. In an episode where an EM wave comet passed by, he gained the ability to fuse with dinosaur bones. He was still defeated by Mega Man and lost this power when the EM wave comet passed.

As Crown Thunder, he and the other FM-ians attack Earth in a desperate attempt to fill the Andromeda Key with negative energy. But, they retreat when Cepheus sends a message telling them to return; however, they decide to stay for three more days before returning. Cancer and Crown are going to Sonia's concert when they are attacked by Gemini Spark. Crown covers Cancer's escape and is killed by Gemini.

He also appears in the last episode of Shooting Star Rockman Tribe with all the FM-ians and their compatible humans.


  • He is the only EM Being whose human partner is a ghost.
  • When he transforms into Jean, he has an arrow through his head, unlike Jean who has arrows in his back.
  • His crown has a duck-shaped golden ornament at the top, and during one of his scenes in the anime, he said something and the "duck" nodded in agreement.

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