Crunch Don (ド・ゴーン Do Gōn) is an all-purpose hammering robot from the Mega Man series that appears as an enemy in Mega Man 11. When it detects an enemy, its eyes light up and it swings down its hammer. While the hammer is down, a Daidine-like hammer maintenance platform rises on its head, which can be used to jump on it and reach higher areas. Crunch Dons appear in Block Man's stage (their most prominent appearance), Tundra Man's stage, and the second Gear Fortress stage. Interestingly, Crunch Dons are usually stationary enemies, but do have their own variant that is able to move by hopping in Tundra Man's stage.


Mega Man 11 Gallery

This all-purpose hammering robot can work with wood, metal, and even makes delicious flatbread. When its hammer swings down, it reveals the hammer maintenance platform on its back. Handy!

Location: Block Man's Stage (And Others)


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