Crush Crawfish, known as Scissors Shrimper (シザーズ・シュリンプァー) in Japan, is a Crayfish-based Maverick in Mega Man X3. Due to a flaw in his AI that made him unable to tell enemy from ally, he was violent and leaned towards being a Maverick even before Dr. Doppler.


He uses his claws and can send them out to hit the player. If he grabs X, he crushes him (as his name implies) multiple times. This causes monumental damage, thus this attack is to be avoided. His main weakness is the Triad Thunder; the player is advised to climb onto a wall and use one of the bottom two thunderbolts that X fires to take Crush Crawfish down.


Mega Man X3 stats:

  • Power: 4000rp
  • Speed: 7600rp

Stage enemies

Enemies in Crush Crawfish's stage:

Other Media

Rockman X

In the Rockman X3 manga, he terrorized an entire bay port, until X arrived and confronted him. Crawfish nearly overwhelms X in battle with his powerful claws and underwater agility, seriously injuring him. X using quick ingenuity utilized the propulsion system of his downed Ride Armor to increase his speed and catch Crawfish off guard, allowing him to land a near fatal Buster shot to his back. Crawfish shaken by this turn of events retreats to a battle cruiser taking a group of civilians hostage in the process. Confident that X will not fire on him with his human shields, he orders the Maverick forces under his control to deploy and attack the city. X evading the rampaging Mavericks made his way to the top of a control tower, were he took a high sniping position out of Crawfish's line of sight and takes him down with a concentrated, laser-like Buster shot to the head.


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