Crusher (クラッシャー) is a demolition robot that appears as an enemy in the Opening Stage from Mega Man X and Mega Man Xtreme. When a Crusher hits part of the highway with its spikes, it actually drills a hole through that section. It cannot drill the pillars. Once it is destroyed, the spikes will fall down onto a part of the highway.

Hits Data Chart

Amount of shots/hits from Special Weapons it takes to destroy a Crusher.

Mega Man X
X Buster Shotgun Ice Electric Spark Rolling Shield Homing Torpedo Boomerang Cutter Chameleon Sting Storm Tornado Fire Wave Hadouken
2:1:1:1 1:1 1:1 1 2:1 1:1 1 1:1 2:1 1

Crusher NEO

Crusher NEO is a modified Crusher that appears in the Opening Stage of Mega Man X5. Immobile, invincible versions also appear in the middle of the second Zero Space stage.

Other appearances

  • Crusher appeared as an aerial enemy from World 2 and World 12 in Rockman Xover.
  • Crusher appeared as an unit card in TEPPEN.

Other media

Crusher appeared in the Rockman X manga and Worlds Unite, aiding Sigma in his plan to unite all worlds in the latter.


Similar enemies

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