Crushpactor, known as Crush Impact (クラッシュインパクト Kurasshu Inpakuto) in Japan, is a large Mechaniloid sub-boss fought in Mega Man ZX. It was originally designed for crushing rocks, but has been retrofitted as a weapon. It looks like a heavy tank with an animal-like head and a large cannon built in to the front. It also has a spiked roller that it uses to smash against the floor and walls. Despite its weight, it can move at high speeds once the treads get moving. Crushpactor is apparently piloted by a Galleon, as part of a Galleon's head can be seen in the cockpit.

Crushpactor is fought twice during the course of the game; the second time, there is a conveyor belt moving rapidly towards the tank. When it charges towards Vent or Aile with its spiked arm raised, stay in the bottom left corner to escape being hit. It will then charge with its roller along the ground; climb the wall as high as possible to evade this attack. It also can fire a large laser from its cannon, but if the cannon is hit enough times it will be destroyed, rendering Crushpactor unable to fire.

Crushpactor DD

Crushpactor DD, known as Crush Impact DD in Japan, is a modified Crushpactor that appears as the sub-boss of Quarry 3 in Mega Man ZX Advent.

There are two strategies to this:

  1. The player can choose stay in front of the Crushpactor DD by destroying the boulders (either with Atlas or Vulturon's  charge attack)
  1. The player can choose to get behind the Crushpactor DD (by taking damage, and using the temporary invincibility to cross over), this lets the player attack the Bulldozer without worry. This method can also prematurely destroy it before reaching the end.

In the end, whether chased or being chased, there will be a bed of spikes which is at the end of the tunnel of Quarry 3, that can instantly destroy the Bullbozer (because of its treads being extremely vulnerable).

If the player has their wits about them, they can use Chronoforce to slow-down time, which can lessen the pressure and allow them to obtain collectibles during the chase.

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