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The Crystal Gate (クリスタルゲート Kurisutaru Gēto)[1] is a small stage from Mega Man & Bass that requires the Special Weapons from the eight bosses to be completed. It contains nine teleporters, one used to enter and leave the stage and eight that lead to a room with one or more crystal-like blocks, each of them with a color corresponding to the Special Weapon able to destroy it. After destroying the block(s) from a room, one giant Screw will appear. Destroying all blocks will allow the player to enter the King Stages.


Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is the easiest room. All the player has to do is stand in the middle and fire a Lightning Bolt to destroy all four Crystals.

Ice Wall

To destroy the block, the player must stand on the highest step, and plant an Ice Wall near the right end. Then, push the Ice Block and it should bounce off the wall into the spike pit and destroy the crystal.

Remote Mine

This is arguably the hardest room. The player must shoot a Remote Mine through the narrow passage, and arc it down so it's close enough to hit the crystal with the explosion. For new players, it's recommended to have the Energy Saver to increase the number of attempts.

Spread Drill

Fire Spread Drill while jumping. When it splits, the small drills will hit the crystal.

Wave Burner

To finish it, set off the bombs with Wave Burner, and destroy the crystal, too.

Magic Card

Fire a Magic Card once forward, once up to get both crystals.

Copy Vision

Fire a Copy Vision at the correct angle and let it shoot the crystal.

Tengu Blade

Fire a Tengu Blade and let it bounce up the walls to reach the crystal.



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